Ryan Bailie will race the biggest competition of his life next month in the men’s Olympic Triathlon.

Bailie was already guaranteed a spot after the Queensland leg of the World Triathlon Series so he knew he was in before the official announcement. I spoke with him on the eve of the Olympics and he says he won’t forget the midnight  phone call  he mistook as his alarm:

[Click below to hear some audio of my interview with Ryan]

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The Olympic triathlon consists of a 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run. Of the three, Ryan has had to work the most on his swimming which he describes as one of his “weaknesses.”

Ryan says the changeovers inbetween “can cost you dearly in the race.”

This won’t be his first time competing in the waters of Fort Copacabana. “It’s actually not a bad venue for it, we had a race there last year for the test event.”

Nor will it be his first time representing Australia. Bailie did so at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, where he claimed bronze in the mixed relay and finished 5th the in the individual men’s triathlon.

I asked him how he got started with triathlons and like a lot of athletes he was influenced by his parents:


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It’s been a rough road, but Ryan told me it’s these setbacks that have made him stronger today:

“There’s always been injuries along the way and whatever else but it’s how you deal with them.”


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In his spare time he loves to watch other sports like surfing and Australian rules football, which he used to play a lot of. Naturally, I had to ask him what his favourite team was:

Ryan has his own website where you can keep up with what he’s doing and even send him some fan mail!